Masa Assist

Masa Assist

MEDICAL AIR SERVICES ASSOCIATION is proud to take part in facilitating the medical care of our members during an anxious time. We recognize by the very nature of our existence, life-threatening events happen. When these situations arise, the primary objective is to seek the very best medical help available.

The services we provide are invaluable when you or a family member becomes too sick or injured to seek treatment locally. Getting you to the right medical facility or to a specialist can be a matter of life or death. We realize this, and take great pride in contributing to a positive outcome. As a result of this commitment, our emergency in-flight care includes registered nurses who are trained in advanced care, critical patient care, medical equipment and medications.

Our medical director on staff, along with physicians and other medical professionals on call throughout the country, help ensure quality care through one national medical protocol. ­is continuity of care gives our members peace of mind as they reach their desired destination.

Equally as important at MASA is our commitment to staffing our aircraft with the most highly trained pilots. We demand our airplanes adhere to the most stringent operational guidelines and regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Although we take great satisfaction in never asking who will pay for our services at dicult times, our members have found the structure of our membership very affordable for most any income level.

Medical Air Services Association members are assured of our dedication to excellence and demand it in everything we do.

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